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Pet Policy

  • Your pet is non-aggressive, well-behaved, and comfortable in social settings. 

  • All pets must be on a flat leash that does not exceed four feet in length, or in a suitable harness/containment system. Retractable leashes are not allowed.

  • The owner must clean up after his/her pet. Poop bags, paper towels, spray bottle cleansers and garbage cans will be available throughout the event. 

  • Pet owners are responsible for reporting any incidents to event staff.

  • Pet owners must adhere to the event rules, and obey event services/security if asked to leave.

  • Your pet must be at least 17 weeks of age and is up to date on core vaccinations: Rabies and DA2PP for dogs; Rabies, and FVRCP for cats.

  • Your pet must have not shown any of the following symptoms: Cough, runny nose, fever, lethargy, eye discharge, and reduced appetite 7 days before attending the event.

  • Your pet must meet all municipal by-laws.

  • You must obey posted signs regarding access to the designated area.

  • You must be in control of your pet at all times. Maximum 2 pets per person.

  •  If you have children with you, please make sure they understand how to approach a dog safely. Here is a quick tutorial to watch before the show or at any time!

By purchasing tickets for our events, you agree to abide by this pet policy. The event organizer reserves the right to amend this policy as necessary.

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